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Revi Bikes Prowler - Fat Tire E-Bike - Top Speed 28mph - 1000W

Revi Bikes Prowler - Fat Tire E-Bike - Top Speed 28mph - 1000W

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Disclaimer: Always consult with your local Motor Vehicle Department to ensure compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the use of mobility and recreational scooters. Please note that this information is for general purposes only and not legal advice.

Revi Bikes Prowler

Cargo Electric Bike - Top Speed 28mph - 1000W

Top Speed
28 MPH


Motor Power


52V 20AH

Removable Battery

24" x 4.0" / 20" x 4.0" Fat Tires


5'4" - 6'2"

Rider Height



52V 1000W Motor

Up to 28 mph (unlocked) with 52V 1000W powerful motor, can reach a peak power of 1500W, torque 85 Nm. The 52V voltage rating provides ample electrical power to assist riders in pedaling. The increased wattage ensures that the motor can maintain a consistent and powerful output even when faced with challenging inclines.

20AH Samsung Battery

With a capacity of 20ah, this high-capacity battery provides a substantial amount of energy storage. Ride up to 70 miles on pedal-assisted fun. With a Samsung battery, you can have confidence in the e-bike's performance and longevity.

LCD Display

Switch between Eco, Normal and Power, control your entire ride with the display by choosing between 1-5 levels of pedal assist power, check your battery life, operation status, speed and trip distance.

A Unique Handlebar Style

Ape hangers are characterized by their tall, upward-sloping handlebars. These elongated bars not only provide a striking visual effect but also offer a unique riding experience. They are an vintage style statement. Riders often find that the elevated handlebars reduce strain on their wrists and shoulders, making long journeys more enjoyable.

Anti-Puncture Tires

K-Shield Technology

The puncture-resistant layer will prevent a nail or similar object from piercing through to the inner tube. Whether you're riding at dawn, dusk, or in inclement weather, the reflective strips play a crucial role in ensuring that you remain visible and safe on the road.

Front/Rear Lights

Integrated Lights

Integrated taillights with brake lights, provides a safer and more enjoyable environment for night riding. The light will highlight to remind the cars and pedestrians behind you when braking.

Air Suspension

Hydraulic Disc

The 180mm hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable and sensitive braking performance. The front air suspension helps smooth bumps and improves off-road performance, makes the ride more stable, comfortable, and controllable.

Tektro E395

Updated Brake

The heightened thickness of the Tektro E395 disc brake and brake pads augments their stopping power significantly. This means that when you engage the brakes, you can expect a more robust and efficient response, such as downhill descents or sudden obstacles.

Leather with Embossing

A leather tank cover with embossing is a multifunctional accessory that combines protection and aesthetics for vintage electric bike.This embossing adds a personalized and unique touch to the cover.

Fenders Included

Equipped with fenders. Say goodbye to the hassle of scrubbing your bike clean after each muddy escapade. These fenders are your ultimate shield against water spray, mud splatters, and bothersome grime, ensuring your journey remains smooth and enjoyable regardless of the elements.

Hump Seat Design

Cafe racer style seats are known for their hump or cowl-like design at the rear. which adds a retro and sporty appearance. Brown seat is made of high-quality synthetic leather and filled with thick sponge, providing a wider and more comfortable seating area for riders.

Different Tire Size

Having a larger 24" front tire and a smaller 20" rear tire can create a visually striking profile, emphasizing the bike's power and dynamism. This design choice can enhance the bike's overall vintage look. Antipuncture tires to provide enhanced protection.

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Handlebar Height: 48.8“  Seat Height: 27.5“
Wheelbase: 55" Total Length: 78.5"
Reach: 23.7"


Model: Prowler
Motor: 52V 1000W
Motor Peak Output: 1500W
Battery Cell: Samsung
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity: 52V 20AH
Max Range:  70 Miles
The max range is achieved under below conditions: rider weight 120lbs, no wind, flat paved road, pas level 1, eco mode, and the throttle is not engaged.
Charging Time: 5 - 6 Hrs
Top Speed: 28 MPH
Front/Rear Light: Included
Fenders: Included
Pedal Assist: 1-5 levels
Brake: F/R Hydraulic Brake 
Fork: Suspension Fork
Wheel Size: 24" X 4.0/ 20" X 4.0
Brake Brand: Wesun
Display: Full Color 
Display Function: PAS Level, Current Speed, Max Speed, Odometer, Trip, Daylight and Night Model Selection, Eco/Normal/Sport model selection
Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Shift: 7 Speed SHIMANO™
Crank Wheel: 48T 170MM
Saddle: Leather with Mechanical Spring
Chain: EPT Anti-Rust
Weight: 112lbs with battery
Payload Capacity:400Ibs

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Link to All of Our Revi Bikes Products