The Senada Story

The Senada Story

Senada Bikes

Imagine a world where sustainable transportation isn't just a possibility but the preferred choice.

A world where everyone, regardless of age, gender, or profession, can contribute to a greener planet while enjoying a powerful, efficient, and enjoyable ride. That's the world we at Senada Bikes are working tirelessly to create through our diverse range of electric bikes.

Our Story

Senada Bikes was born out of a passion for cycling and a deep concern for the environment. Our founder, a dedicated cyclist, realized that while traditional bicycles were a great way to stay fit and reduce carbon emissions, they weren't always practical for outdoor exploration, daily commuting or long-distance travel. This sparked the idea of creating an electric bike that would provide the same benefits as a traditional bicycle but with added convenience and efficiency. We believe in the power of technology and its ability to simplify our lives, and we wanted to translate this belief into a product that would redefine the commuting experience.

At Senada Bikes, we harness the transformative power of technology to create electric bikes that merge power, speed, and unmatched quality. We meticulously craft each model to cater to diverse needs. Whether you're an outdoor Enthusiast, a city dweller seeking a swift commute, a retiree looking to stay active, or a rural resident needing reliable transport, we have a bike for you.

Our e-bikes are more than just transportation. They are your passport to outdoor adventure, your ally in exploring the unexplored, and your partner in discovery. Whether you're navigating the city's secret alleyways or trailing off the beaten path in the countryside, Senada's e-bikes guarantee superior performance and a comfortable ride. We invite you to connect with nature more intimately, to discover hidden gems unreachable by foot or car.

Join us in championing a lifestyle that's eco-friendly, health-conscious, and above all, enjoyable. With Senada Bikes, every journey is an adventure, and every ride brings us one step closer to a greener, healthier, and happier world. We're grateful to have you as part of our story. Together, let's power a sustainable future.

Customer Stories

Introducing James Still, a generous soul committed to aiding the homeless. He entrusted the gentleman, one of these individuals, with the task of distributing food and supplies to others in need. To streamline this process and ease his burden, James Still purchased a Senada-SABER Bike for him. This thoughtful gesture not only boosted efficiency but also alleviated his physical strain. This tale is a powerful testament to empathy, with the Senada Bike serving as a tangible symbol of love and care.

Say hello to Hubert Pancho, a fitness enthusiast who fell in love with our Senada Bike. He frequently rides it to explore scenic landscapes, capturing and sharing beautiful images of his adventures with us. His passion for cycling has recently ignited the same interest in his family. We often receive delightful pictures of this amazing family with Senada Bikes. In their story, Senada Bike symbolizes freedom and a love for life.


Our Promise

We don't just provide electric bicycles - we offer an improved lifestyle.

1. Power-Packed Performance: Engineered for speed, power, and top-tier quality, we design each bike to make your journey smoother, faster, and more enjoyable.

2. Expert Support: Our commitment to you doesn't end at the checkout. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional service from the moment you visit our website, with guidance on product usage and prompt troubleshooting. We are committed to ensuring that every ride on your new electric bicycle is a pleasant experience.

3. Unwavering Customer Care: Beyond delivering high-quality bikes, we are committed to protecting your rights as a consumer. Our professional after-sales service is a testament to this promise. No matter the issue, our team is just an email away, ready to ensure your experience with Senada Bikes is nothing short of exceptional.



Our Mission

We're committed to revolutionize sustainable transportation by delivering powerful, swift, and top-notch electric bikes for everyone to relish.

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