The Revi Bikes Story

Revibikes Story

At the start of 2017, Tony and I established Revi Mobility INC (B.D.A. Revi Bikes), which is currently located in Southern California. While displaying at all the best international bike shows, we came to realize that California was the place we wanted to be.

Tony, originally based in Changzhou, China, has been in the electric bike industry for more than 15 years. During his tenure, Tony has cooperated with well-established e-bike companies all over the world. After a decade of working as the Sales Manager at a large electric bike factory, Tony decided to start his own electric bike business in 2014 (where I was the first employee).

Now, Tony employs over 50 people, who design and manufacture export-quality e-bikes. We design, source, paint, and assemble our electric bikes in our own factory. In just 3 short years, our annual sales surpassed $3 million and continue to grow!

We are proud to bring high-quality electric bike products to the US. From our own factory to the hands of the customer, we facilitate the entire process independently. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, as it allows us to update our products quicker than our competitors can.


Co-founder of Revibikes