The Bikonit Story

The brand name “Bikonit”  is sourced from "Bike on it". And the slogan “Bike on it | to anywhere” aims at identifying the eBikes from Bikonit are all-terrain electric bikes with the sufficient  *dual battery system to allow the e-bikers to go further and deeper than their competitions.

Bikonit is an e-mobility company based on a manufacturer that has been in the E vehicle industry for over 7 years during which it has been developing, manufacturing and co-branding ebikes, e motorbikes and e dirty bikes with many companies in the EU, Russia, the USA, CA, and Ukraine, etc.

In 2018, BIKONIT decided to develop a new series of all-terrain electric vehicles. We poured our years of experience and advanced technology from electric motorcycles to Bikonit. At the same time, we established Bikonit USA, a branding company, aim to sell directly to customers and wholesale to shop owners directly, cut the conventional wholesaler to save the margin for customers.

Based in California, we have a full system of design, development, test, manufacturing, sales, logistics, service, etc. Presently the public perception of how much it costs to own a performance-oriented electric bike has already been almost irreversibly corrupted. With this in mind, we at Bikonit feel it is of the utmost importance that we curb this negative trend by making a name in the industry and setting the new standard for price based on quality, power, performance and serviceability.

So Bikobit Ebikes are not only cost-effective but also a crystallization of the combination of basic ebike technology and advanced electric motorcycle techs. 

Bikonit Ebikes are designed to be all-terrain ebikes like SUVs. The powerful driving system, super trafficability, advanced energy managing system, top components in this industry, etc. All these facts make Bikonit ebikes reliable, strong, they can be used for outdoor exploring, Hunting&fishing, and also daily use.

We use at least a 750W/80NM power system(Top 1000W/160NM ) to make sure the power is the last thing that you need to worry about. We developed *Dual Battery System which can ensure you a range of *70+ miles on a single charge so you can focus on the exploring without concerning about the bike will running out of power in the middle of nowhere; Bikonit also design ebikes with other features such as *Air suspension for much better riding experience and reliability, multi- transmission system form Sram and Sturmey Archer. The belt drive system, Maxxis all-terrain fat tire, *auto-adjustable brightness color LCD, headlight.

We want to show the world that with the new technologies of today, the range-anxiety is no longer a threat to ones outdoor exploring journey and with people’s hard earned money they can actually can get way better than what have been available on the market.

We will not give up developing new technologies to make the riding world better. And most importantly, we will do our best to support every single Bikonit vehicle owner! BE our guests contact us anytime!

Join us, Bike on it, to anywhere, together.

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