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Awesome Bike!

This is my first e-bike and im ln love! This bike is extremely comfortable and powerful. I love that I can switch between the front motor and rear motor and my favorite, the dual motor mode!

great experience

Very easy to assemble, exceeded my expectations, great customer service.

Green Transporter Q-Runner - 4-Wheel Transport E-Scooter - Top Speed 18mph - 1200W
Life changing

I love my new mobility scooter. It protects me from all sorts of weather and also helps me to get around and to do things I have never been able to do before. Thank you so much Dave you are amazing. I am happy I did business with you.

Thanks TJ,

Always glad to help. I love that it is so helpful for you!


Great scooter!

Shhhhhh..dont tell my Cheeta Ninja shes a mobility scooter. She is a zippy girl that can take me almost anywhere I want to go. Ive had her on gravel, grass, mud and over sticks in the campground and on my own property. Her high clearance makes her like more of a 4-wheeler.. I also know she will do fine on the golf course! I finally have my freedom back. Thank you Electric Wheelchairs USA for the assistance finding the right scooter for me and the super customer support.. I know I must have driven you to drinking with all my calls and texts! Lol

I Like it!

Delivery was early than expected.Looks good ,drives great .Recomending

Great Service and fast delivery

Just received my Ninja fully assembled two days ago. The delivery agent took the time to review the operation with me. I am so pleased with its operation, as its perfect for my daughters horse farm where we have retired too. This is absolutley the best rugged scooter for the money.

Green Transporter Q-Runner - 4-Wheel Transport E-Scooter - Top Speed 18mph - 1200W
Worlds best outdoor mobility scooter

This scooter has truly changed my life. It is so comfortable & protects me from the elements. Its easy to use & looks so beautiful. So happy with my purchase.

My New Cheeta Scooter

We received the scooter two days later than what was originally promised, which was fine once I received the scooter the carton was pretty beat up but to my surprise there was no damage to the product and the very short ride due to our weather everything appears to be functional and I'm very excited with it so far. I will say that as a fabricator & welder of almost 30 years this scooter is built very solid, well done. Thank You

Completely Satisfied

My husband purchased the Bikonit 750 and he is completely happy with his purchase. From the quality of the bike to the customer service from Dave it was amazing to work with his store. He was always quick to respond when a question came up. I will recommend him to friends and will order from him again. Thank you Dave for all your help with our purchase!

XTreme Cabo Cruiser Elite - 48-Volt 2-Wheel Power Assisted E-Scooter/Bike - Top Speed 20mph - 500W
Debra Glenn

Riding the is fine writing a small hill scooter losing power after 8 miles half the power is gone 16 miles 1/4 of power is all is left

Fast fast fast

After my old scooter broke, I decided to buy the EW-20. I knew I was good at making decisions but not THIS good! At first, I was intimidated by how fast it can go, but you are in full control and the speed switch makes it easy to go slower. Two of my friends said they are placing orders for theirs soon and we're going to have a race to Ralphs when they get theirs.

E-Wheels EW-Rugged - Electric 36V Mountain Bike - Top Speed 20mph - 350W
Outstanding performance

The bike arrived very well packaged it was entirely covered in foam protecting each pet of the bike. It arrived in perfect condition. Assembly was pretty straightforward and easy. The instructions were clear and concise. Total assembly took me about 25 minutes total to get it set up and ready to go. I was very impressed with how easy they made this bike to setup. The bike has a powerful 500w motor. The pedal assist is very good. It makes getting started so easy. As soon as you begin pedaling the bike takes off. There are 6 different speed settings 0 no assist but throttle then 1-5. Each level gives more assistance and power. I love that I can switch gears before climbing a hill to get a little extra help. I can decide the level of exercise that I want. Shifting is very easy the system is very easy to shift up and down. The bike is set up with a horn which is nice to use when passing other bikes or pedestrians. The headlight is bright and illuminated a large path in front of the bicycle. The battery is impressive. I went 20 miles on level 1 and still had half a battery left when I returned. It comes with a charger that charges the battery in a few hours. The frame of the bike is solid. This is a heavy-duty bike which also makes it a heavy bike. I love the fat tires they do great in the snow. Overall I am very happy with this bike. It was an excellent value compared to other bikes in the same class. I am thrilled with the performance. This is a really great bike I recommend it


For the first ride to test the operation I took the bike down to the beach by my home. My current weight is around 223 pounds. Going to the water the road has a lot of hills that are very steep. While climbing the hill I required the full pedal assist in first gear. It is definitely a workout and after the ride I was left feeling like I did sprints. Toward the end of the ride on a straight stretch of road while in 3 gear I used only throttle which yield 25mph. Oddly there is a sweet spot for the motor and with my weight I found at higher gears there is to much stress on the motor without pedal assist. I purchased this bike to ease myself back into riding a bike which like most who purchase this item have regularly road since they were kids. For now I definitely needed the pedal assist on the hills. There’s no shame in my game to admit I need the pedal assistance to get in shape. With work and the kids I can’t afford to fail when exercising. That being said the advantage of the hub motor is in the event the chain were to fail the hub motor can be engaged and prevent one from being stranded. I definitely took advantage of the safety videos on line that covered the top ten mistakes e-bike riders make to ensure my experience was positive. My recommendation is that this bike is for those who seek to get back into shape or dads who don’t want to be left in the dust by their kids when riding together.


This is my first exposure to the ebike world. Firstly, the bike is sexy lol. I got more than a few heads turns and someone even stopped their pickup to comment on how cool it looks. Tech support from Qualisports USA is five stars. Will definitely recommend buying from this brand just because of this. They respond within 24 hours of emailing them.


Top of the line bike. Well worth the money. And great people to work with. They answered all my questions and then some. Hat’s off to you Bikonit E-bike


I decided to go uphill a bit. A 5.3-mile ride from 7120 feet elevation to 9280. There is no downhill on this ride until you turn around. I put the bike in first and assist level 5 and road it up non-stop. The battery dropped to 50% and the range dropped to 2 miles. It handled the snow well. Never slipped. On the way down - always the scarry part in snow and ice, I was amazed how well the fat tires handled it. If I had been on my mountain bike I would have had the pucker factor going so hard the ride down would not have been fun at all but with the fatties it was awesome. Learned hydraulic brakes are a must-have on a 75-pound bike. When I got home the battery was still at 50% and the range was 38 miles.

I learned today. I found out about walk assist. What a gift that is. On a trail like the one in this picture, I cannot ride through this boulder field without hitting pedals, falling off the bike, etc. Just hold down the minus button and walk-assist kicks in and the Warthog walks along with me. AWESOME! AND, the walk-assist speed varies depending on which gear I am in. More AWESOMENESS.

Pain Killer

I have serious problems with my back. I bought a cheap scooter from the far east but the vibrations gave me lots of pain. Even though I drive mainly on sidewalks and paved areas, every small crack or bump was unbearable. My dealer suggested an upgrade and I have to say the investment was worth every penny. Driving the Afiscooter S is like going from a tractor to a Cadillac.

A Matter of Size

I always had a problem doing my daily shopping. The scooter which was big enough to take me to the shopping center was too big to get into the center and move me around until I got the Afiscooter C which is big enough for outdoors but compact enough to travel indoors”

From the moment I contacted the local Afiscooter dealer and he showed me the Afiscooter, I knew my problem was solved. My dealer delivered the scooter to my house with the battery already charged and ready to go and I have been doing my own shopping ever since.

Independence In Style

I did quite a bit of research before I decided on the Afiscooter S and I have never regretted my choice. I chose the Afiscooter because it came with an excellent warranty and I liked the look of the product. I am very happy with my Afiscooter mobility scooter. It never lets me down and does everything I want it to. It gave me the independence to get out and about instead of relying on others.

I use it about town to the shops as well as in the park and on rough terrain. It goes everywhere I want it to go, in comfort, and has a good feel, so I don’t feel old and decrepit. There are lots of boring and unfashionable mobility scooters around, but I feel really good going around in mine and I have gained so much independence.

On The Farm

I am a “retired” farmer in Kentucky. I say retired in quotes because You never retire from getting up in the morning and checking on the chickens. For me getting up was easier than getting around. With my shortness of breath, I really can’t walk all that far. I was limited to the kitchen and the living room. All of that changed when myAfiscooter 3 arrived.

I got the model with extra wide wheels so I could cross the field and go to the barn if I wanted to. The other day I showed up at my neighbors’ to visit. They’re half a mile away and were tickled pink that I made it there on my own.

Long Range Mobility

There’s a coffee shop 2 miles from my house where my friends used to meet every afternoon. I can’t drive a car anymore and even if I could, there’s never any parking nearby. A friend of mine suggested a scooter but I didn’t think they could go the distance. One of the best things for me about the Afiscooter is how far it can go on a single charge. I have no problem getting to the coffee shop and back with juice to spare. This machine is extremely reliable – I haven’t had a single problem with it since I bought it.