Bikonit Shipping & Delivery

Step 1: Order confirmation

- Your order processing time where your product of choice is assembled and built especially for you!

Step 2: Tracking Number

- You'll receive a tracking number only once your product has been shipped and has left the factory or distribution centre. Please be aware that the tracker may be issued differently depending on the products delivery time. For products delivery time please visit our page and above the "add to cart" button there's a timeline.

Step 3: Pending/Confirmed Tracker

-If the tracking number reads "Pending" or "Confirmed" this means it is on route or currently in customs clearing (CA). The courier at this time still has NOT picked up the product. The tracker will change to "in transit" when the courier actually has the product and it has cleared customs in CA. Then "Scheduled for Delivery" status is given where an accurate time will be given for arrival.

Step 4: Delivered

- Your product has arrived at your doorstep.

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