Kendall Jenner, Ryan Reynolds, Ellen DeGeneres and Leonardo DiCaprio —Why are so many celebrities riding e-bikes?

Kendall Jenner, Ryan Reynolds, Ellen DeGeneres and Leonardo DiCaprio —Why are so many celebrities riding e-bikes?

(from an article in Canadian Cycling Magazine here)

The electric bike trend has hit Hollywood


When Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video of himself cycling safely while self-isolating, he was riding one of his numerous e-bikes. The bodybuilder-turned-California-governor has been spotted all over LA riding his e-bikes by himself and (in pre-lockdown times) with friends.

Arnold rides an E Bike.


Just like us, Schwarzenegger isn’t immune to bike thieves. Earlier this year someone tried to steal his Felt Outfitter, but was stopped by his bodyguard.

Schwarzenegger isn’t the only celebrity to get into e-bikes. Last week, Kendall Jenner (of the Kardashian family) was filmed riding an e-bike on an empty California street. In a great improvement from her past cycling endeavors, the reality star looked happy to be enjoying some time outside while socially-isolating.

Kendall Jenner on a Joy Ride w her E Bike!

Miley Cyrus, Jay Leno, Leonardo DiCaprio, Goldie Hawn, Gene Hackman and Conan O’Brien have all been spotted on e-bikes. Vin Diesel got one as a gift from the director of Fast and Furious 8. Elon Musk reportedly keeps four in his garage and Ellen DeGeneres owns a Haibike. Canadian William Shatner is the spokesperson for Pedego bikes and fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds is a fan of Stromer bikes. Why are so many celebrities riding electric bikes?

E-bikes are accessible for new cyclists

Not everyone can jump right into a new sport and be able to participate at a level that gives them real enjoyment. E-bikes level the playing field, helping you keep up with friends or push up a hill you wouldn’t otherwise be able to conquer. They’re also great for older people, like Gene Hackman, Jay Leno and William Shatner. Shatner claims e-bikes help him stay active in ways he wouldn’t be able to with a regular bike.

Willian Shatner, Aka Captain Kirk, likes to ride an E Bike to stay healthy!

They’re perfect for life in LA

The West coast’s temperate weather means cycling is possible pretty much year round. Los Angeles, where most of these celebrities have been spotted on e-bikes, is well known for its congestion and long car commutes. An e-bike offers an option for a healthier commute, and will get you further than you could go on a regular bike, especially in the hills of LA.

They’re a greener form of transit

When you’re a public figure, it’s important to represent good values. E-bikes are a more environmentally friendly form of transit, and many people have turned to them as a replacement for cars, rather than a replacement for analogue bikes. Speaking about e-bikes, Ryan Reynolds said: “If you want to replace your car, and save the environment, here’s your solution!”

Ryan Renolds likes to ride his E Bike!

E-bikes are becoming a trend

E-bikes are the fastest growing segment of bike sales in the States. LA has long been known as the centre of health and wellness trends, and e-bikes are quickly becoming the latest popular thing. While not all of these celebrities are the embodiment of current fashion (Vin Diesel has worn pretty much the same outfit for 20 years) they’ve all gotten involved in the e-bike crazy.

Ellen and Harrison like E Bikes!

They’re actually really fun

Die-hard purists may never accept e-bikes, but there’s no denying that the machines are enjoyable. They make cycling accessible and fun for those who are new, and give experienced riders and extra push to do things they weren’t able to do before.

 (from an article in Canadian Cycling Magazine here)

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