All Electric Scooters are Not Made for the Same Purpose

All Electric Scooters are Not Made for the Same Purpose

Just consider how many wheels are there? There are one wheel, two wheel, three and four wheel electric scooters… still waiting for a five wheel electric scooter to appear. Then there are the stand-up push type of electric scooters and the ones with seats. There are even some larger three and four wheel electric scooters with room for two people to sit comfortably side by side.

In fact, there are so many kinds of electric scooters to choose from, it can be confusing for most people. That's where I can help... I am going to break it down and make it easy to understand.

A one wheel electric scooter is like a unicycle, but most have no seat and you would just stand on it. But I have seen some with seats as well. Good for transport, especially in urban or college settings, where you can carry it onto the bus or train.

A two wheel electric scooter is what most people think of as an electric scooter. The Standup and the Moped Style are the most popular types and are for basic transport, but can also be a great way to have an adventure too.

three wheel electric scooter is even more comfortable and can be used for transport, adventure and is also great for mobility around the house too. They are more stable and easier to ride for older people, as no balancing is needed. Generally good for an urban lifestyle, both indoors and out, and some even have all terrain wheels and can be tons of fun in the hills and woods.

And naturally, a four wheel electric scooter is going to be the most comfortable and the most stable e scooter, with some luxury features like sound systems and enclosed or covered roofs. Good for transport and mobility, but can also be a lot of fun to get around in a classy way? Turning heads.

Whatever your needs are… either transportation or adventure, you can find the electric scooter that's the right fit for you at Electric Whispering.

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