Many Types of Electric Bikes equals Many Kinds of E Bike Riders

Many Types of Electric Bikes equals Many Kinds of E Bike Riders

As I consider who rides Electric Bicycles or E-Bikes as they’re also called, I can see several groups emerging from the crowd. The first group I see are the practical riders, who get an Electric Bicycle to get around. It could be visiting friends, or going to work or school. Even doing the shopping errands with it. Often riding as a solo rider, but sometimes with friends. A simple E-Bike with nothing fancy and maybe a basket or rack on back.

The second group are the pleasure riders and are looking to take their E-Bikes to the hills and do some “Riding” for the fun of it. Yes, it’s great exercise and very healthy, but mostly they are looking for fun. These riders usually meet in groups and enjoy riding together. A bike with power is best here, with Fat Tires, good shocks and good brakes.Oh, and a comfortable seat!

The third group are the performance riders. Testing their strength and endurance, just like pleasure riders, these E-Bikers also want to push their limits to the max. They form teams and are very serious about their sport. Performance E Biking! They want all the bells and whistles on their E-Bikes, but don’t add any weight, please.
What do you think? Are you one of these riders or did I miss your group? Feel fre to comment below. So, no matter what kind of rider you are, Electric Whispering can help you find a fun way to get where ever you’re going...
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