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Revi Bikes (formerly Civi Bikes) has been in the electric bike industry for more than 15 years, originally based in Changzhou, China. They design, source, paint, and assemble each of their electric bikes in their own factory. In 2016 they formed a new company in Ontario, California, for US distribution of E-Bikes.

"We sell several models across the world. We focus primarily on folding electric bikes with many designers from the reputable Dahon folding bicycle company. We have a custom-designed an old-style gas tank battery that is unique in the space. We also have warehouses in LA, we are found online as well as in a growing network of online dealers."

REVI BIKES uses its 15-year relationship with its factory in China to offer three different models of electric bikes; The Cheetah, the Predator, and the Rebel models. Revi Bikes are not only great looking but are designed to enrich your daily commute featuring our PAS – Pedal Assist System which extends the human-powered bike experience. You control the speed by intuitive pedal control. If you need an extra push, it is as easy as a gentle press of the ergonomic lever.

 High Quality

Strict material in-coming, produce production, and finish-goods inspection.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the electric bicycle industry.
Technical Support
A professional technical team to solve all your problems about our products.
All Qualisports products are warranted for 1 YEAR from the date of your purchase, including motor, battery pack, and control board.
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