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Anywhere Bikes, the only electric bike company in the world dedicated to Seniors. We make electric tricycles, trikes and electric bikes. Its not all about getting from point "A" to point "B". Its about going anywhere you desire. Anywhere Bikes, the only electric bike company in the world dedicated to aging Americans.

Our mission is "To help aging Americans get anywhere with our Anywhere Bikes.

We are the only company in the world dedicated to the needs of our aging customers. All of our bikes are detailed, engineered and tested for people that are older, and have specific needs.

We build our bikes and engineer our packing and shipping so the bikes come mostly assembled to your door steps ready to ride.

We offer expert customer service, 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, hassle free returns, fast and free shipping, mostly assembled bikes, a network of white box bike technicians every where in the U.S., industry best warranties, and the only company providing nationwide repair service.

Beyond those amazing reasons, we are proud about our generous give back program. We take portion of the profits of all bikes sold. Then give bikes to those in need inside the community. 

We will be honest, we are motivated by profit, well actually we want to deliver amazing products to you. Then that will drive profit. That profit gives us the ability to "gift" someone with a bike. What about the Selection Process? 

Well so far its been easy. We run into people who have a need as we go about our business. But we try to prioritize by need. So people that are disabled, low income or just generally speaking wouldn't be able to have a bike if it wasn't through this program. 

We recently were able to give a trike to our friend who, has been a hard time riding a two wheel bike due to balance issues. So now she is riding and loving it! 


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